I write extensively on abortion and reproductive healthcare, including personal narratives, pop culture references, access to care, and how it intersects with race, as well as politics, digital harassment, and feminism. Below is a selection of my writing, and you can read all of my articles at Echoing Ida’s website.

Men Choose Abortion Too

“We need the audacity of our ancestors now. We have too much knowledge and too many resources to continue to have the narrative reshaped and our realities ignored before our eyes. The black community has historically supported bodily autonomy and access to safe and legal abortion. Our history proves that we have led the way in the abortion and reproductive justice movement, and we are influential in policy now. It’s high time we ensure that our influence is accurately reflected and that we celebrate it.”

Whitewashing Reproductive Rights: How Black Activists Get Erased, Salon.com

“Abortion is often framed as a woman’s issue, with many women stepping forward to share their own stories and try to change the stigmatizing narrative that dominates society; but more and more, men are sharing their experiences with abortion, too.”

— More Men Are Sharing Their Abortion Stories and Fighting for Reproductive Rights, Women’s Health Magazine

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“As an avid television watcher, I am eager for complex and realistic portrayals of black women and the decisions we face every single day. Showing Pope’s support for the young ensign having an abortion and then seeking one herself tells viewers that people who have abortions deserve dignity, respect and compassion. “Scandal” models what the future of abortion could and should look like for everyone, fictional or not.”

Abortions Without Scandal, Al Jazeera America

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“We all face challenge4000 Years for Choice Infographics in our lives. We all have that secret that we’re afraid our family and friends will judge us for, and we crave connection and acceptance. You’ll never know how many of the one in three women who’ve had abortions are in your family or circle of friends unless you open the space for conversation and show that you can Stop, Drop, and Listen. You’ll be surprised at what you hear. One story isn’t every story. And we all deserve to be heard in our own words. Take a moment to truly listen.”

How to Listen When a Loved One Says ‘I Had an Abortion’, EBONY.com

“Responding to the need of my patients, the need of the women in my community, really is satisfying. To me it’s kind of a rent that I pay for being on the planet. Our rent is our service. It’s a gift. I know it’s hard for people to understand that by providing abortions I enjoy my work, but if they’re listening closely, what they’ll hear is I enjoy helping women nobody else is willing to help.” — Dr. Willie Parker

Dr. Willie Parker: A Soldier for Choice, EBONY.com

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RH Reality Check Abortion Story Meme

“When the media accurately reflects experiences of abortion, viewers are able to better understand the complexity and translate it to their own lives. Complex representations are key to shifting our culture. The centering of real experiences helps build understanding between the character, the audience, and our real-life interactions.”

The Second Lady’s Abortion: What ‘House of Cards’ Got Right…and Didn’t, RH Reality Check

“As a movement, we often ask people to share their stories to change policy and influence the hearts and minds of our country—but at what cost? We ask people to put themselves out there, but we do not really think about the possible impacts on their lives. We forget, just as our opposition often does, the real people behind the political debates.”

What Happens When We Share Our Abortion Stories: Hate, Vitriol, But Also Love, RH Reality Check

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