1246-NARAL-1503019_largeI truly enjoy bringing my work into communities through workshops, speaking events, and consulting. I have spoken on my abortion storytelling research in Saying Abortion Aloud, digital harassment and the online safety guide I co-authored, Speak Up & Stay Safe(r), as well as reproductive justice issues, feminism, and abortion story sharing, as well as consult on storytelling narratives, political advocacy, social media, and grassroots fundraising.

Below, you’ll find more information about the different ways we can collaborate. I love new and creative ideas, so feel free to send me an email if you are interested in working with me on a project!

Email me at Renee[at]ReneeBraceySherman[dot]com or through the Contact page.



Renee Speaking at SCOTUS“Renee Bracey Sherman spoke with such conviction to the necessary elimination of abortion stigma. Passionately inviting others to share in her story, she motivated our audience to become front line activists in this ever important fight.”
–Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates, April 2015
I really love the opportunity to talk to activists and students all across the country about our shared passion for social justice. I’ve given talks across the country at colleges, lobby days, fundraisers, and in communities about my abortion, feminism, and the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements. I take an intersectional approach to talking about the various social justice issues, and love using stories and humor to engage the audience. Watch my speech at the Hobby Lobby birth control rally outside the Supreme Court of the United States in March 2014.


All Above All Abortion Reading“A workshop that I found to be particularly interesting was one about storytelling and the importance of women sharing our stories. The women who organized and led the workshop had been working on a variety of projects that were all centered on transforming the culture of stigma around abortion and other stigmatized reproductive experiences through storytelling…The workshop was quite intriguing and I left feeling empowered. I have always believed that the concept of storytelling was a powerful form of activism and the workshop affirmed why this work is necessary—especially for marginalized communities.”
The Power of Black Women’s Storytelling in Activist Work, review of my abortion storytelling workshop at Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice 2015 in For Harriet
I absolutely love workshops — they’re a great way to engage audiences in discussion and learning. My style is fun, relaxed, and energetic. I tailor my workshop’s content based on your organization’s needs. My most popular workshops focus on using storytelling for policy and cultural shift, my research on supporting storytellers, abortion stigma, reproductive issues and intersectionality.


“Renee is innovative, tenacious, and once she sets her sights on a particular goal, will not let up until she achieves it. She is communicative and has a refreshingly bright perspective even when discussing analytics tools! Approaching her work with curiosity, Renee took our social media presence from zero to hero in a little over six months. A gem!”
— Alicia Walters, Movement Building Director, Forward Together
SCOTUS SpeakingRead more praise for my work.
I have extensive experience consulting in several social justice issue areas including reproductive health, rights, and justice, LGBT issues, and women’s rights. I bring an intersectional analysis to all of my work, as well as a deep understanding of how different sectors and nonprofit departments can seamlessly work together to grow an organization’s impact.
My consulting projects have focused on:
  • Social media platform creation, strategy, and management
  • Crafting policy messaging and storytelling narratives
  • Advocacy day, fundraising event, and conference planning
  • Qualitative research and data collection for evaluation reports
  • Grassroots fundraising
  • Development of workshops, webinars, and trainings
You can view my résumé here, and take a look at this video I helped design for Planned Parenthood while working with The Sea Change Program.