Governor Brown Signs the Confidential Health Information Act!

In partnership with the ACLU of California, the California Family Health Council, and the National Center for Youth Law, we created a CREDO Mobilize petition asking California Governor Brown to sign the Confidentiality of Medical Information Bill (SB 138) which gives patients to have additional privacy protections when using insurance. After receiving the over 1,000 signatures on Monday, September 30, 2013, Governor Brown signed SB 138 on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

CREDO Mobilize Petition

“If SB 138 is signed into law, it will allow Californians to access health care like birth control and abortion, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment without parents or partners finding out from insurance companies. It will also allow anybody who feels that disclosure of their health information could put them in danger to opt in to additional privacy protections. And because they will be able to use their own insurance without fear, fewer patients will need to rely on state-funded healthcare programs or their own wallet to pay for care, saving Californians and the state money. These protections introduced by SB 138 will especially help young people and those experiencing domestic violence.”

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